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TRUCKBOSS is the Number One Truck Deck in North America
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We have been designing, manufacturing, selling and installing truck decks for over 15 years. We pioneered the all-welded truck deck and our 'Classic' plywood deck was equipped with every innovative and unequaled quality 'firsts'.  Over 15 years of servicing this market we listened and observed how our customers used their truck decks, what features they found lacking and how pickup trucks were evolving.  Over time it became obvious the all-welded, plywood 'Classic' would not meet the future needs of our customers.  After several years of concept testing and design improvements we developed our modular TRUCKBOSS product to meets these needs.

Now we say DEMAND MORE because TRUCKBOSS can, and does, DELIVER MORE now in every way!!

No Aluminum Welding = Strength & Durability    Even when performed properly aluminum welds considerably weaken base metal strength (up to 40%), while creating start points for metal fatigue and cracking.  Our TBOSS Modular System replaces welding with purpose-built aluminum extrusions to retain high base metal strength throughout every TRUCKBOSS component and connection.

All-Aluminum Extrusion = Flexibility and Features    Our proprietary aluminum extrusions are the cornerstone of TRUCKBOSS - allowing so many consistent, hard wearing, no-fail, and useful features to be incorporated in every TRUCKBOSS deck.

Anodized Finish = Value   All TRUCKBOSS wear surfaces are equipped with ExtremEtch anodizing. This hard-wearing no-maintenance finish is an  exclusive feature of our product and comes standard on every TRUCKBOSS deck.

We build the most advanced truck deck on the market today.

Our TRUCKBOSS product uses unique, all-aluminum, no-weld construction and incorporates over 25 aluminum extrusions,  injection molded and stretch-formed parts. These proprietary parts integrate seamlessly together into our unparalleled TRUCKBOSS deck system!


TRUCKBOSS is manufactured in the USA at our ISO9000 facility.


Fit and Finish    The materials used in a standard TRUCKBOSS meet or exceed the fit / finish of any truck it is mounted to.  No other product on the market can match the value, features and all-weather, hard-service performance built into each and every standard-issue TRUCKBOSS deck system.

Asset Value / Transferability    Our product is designed to outperform and outlast anything on the market - including the trucks they are mounted to. After years of service it will transfer to another vehicle - with little effort  and little or no depreciation in value

What inspired us to develop an all aluminium truck deck?  We looked where other hard-wearing commercial aluminum truck decks were being used 365-days-a-year.

2000lb Capacity.

TBOSS SURELOCK technology gives you unlimited tiedown points.

Exclusive TBOSS TRACDECK ribs on the deck surface prevents loads from shifting.

With TRUCKBOSS you can take your load where many trailers cannot go!

TRUCKBOSS safely loads, unloads & carries whatever you ride or want to transport on your truck - to places that trailers cannot go.


TRUCKBOSS will fit on whatever type of truck that you own.  The TBOSS Modular System allows one product to fit on virtually any truck!


TRUCKBOSS is a true, transferrable asset that can be easily be installed, removed and re-installed on any truck you own.  The TBOSS Modular system allows any decks size (8.0' - 7.0' - 6.0'), to fit on virtually any truck!

The TRUCKBOSS is the only truck deck on the market today that offers what we call the TBOSS SURESEAL-FIT.  What this mean is that the cargo in the bed of your truck will remain dry and safe regardless of the conditions outside.   It also means that when your tailgate is locked the TRUCKBOSS provides a secure tamper proof seal.


Asset Protection from Weather   TRUCKBOSS is the only truck deck system that seals around your truck bed rails and tailgate with a weather-proof fit.  The contents of your truck bed will always be out of the weather, dry and safe.  TRUCKBOSS users find this to be one of the most desirable features of our product and rave about it! (Click Here For Our Testimonials)

Asset Protection from Theft    Only TRUCKBOSS allows the contents of your truck box to be secured, protected - and to be there when you get back.  The TRUCKBOSS flip-up rear tailgate and front bulkhead seals will adjust to any pickup - and won't jam under load.

Improves rider safety when loading.  There are numerous accounts of loading injuries that can be avoided with winch loading.

Prevents damage to machines when loading.

Dead machine? Easy with winch loading!

Click Here to see what our testimonial customers say about winch loading.

TRUCKBOSS is the only truck deck on the market to offer a WINCH LOADING SYSTEM. Our TBOSS TRAC WINCH SYSTEM allows your winch to slide laterally across the front of the deck for proper alignment of multiple load placements.


Safety is what TRUCKBOSS is all about. TBOSS SURELOCK Track Technology and TBOSS TRACDECK grip provide unlimited tie-down points and deck grip on top of the deck.  70' of TBOSS SURELOCK track under the deck - allows you to secure and transport hundreds of pounds of gear under the deck.


TRUCKBOSS simply offers you the ability to secure loads both above and below the deck better than any other truck deck.

TRUCKBOSS is the only deck system that is a true truck accessory.  We know you spent good money on your truck so we designed TRUCKBOSS to maintain the great look of your ride!!  Many of the design features of TRUCKBOSS compliment those of your truck.

Design Features:

The TRUCKBOSS Cab Guard (or Headache Rack) has a slight forward rake to match the cab of your box.

Lights, fire extinguishers or antennas can be easily fastened to the Cab Guard using the TBOSS SURELOCK track incorporated in the extrusions and the two intermediate cross bars can be rotated and locked in any position required.

The side rails have a distinctive pinstripe design that is sleek and modern.  The curvature of the rail matches the line of most modern truck boxes.

TBOSS SURELOCK track is incorporated in the inside of the siderails for anchor accessories and to eliminate unattractive holes punched or drilled in the side rails.

Our exclusive ExtremEtch anodized aluminum finish is a hard oxidized coating that  cleans up easily and does not requires the maintenance of plywood or sprayed on / powder coatings.
Marathon developed and designed the first non-folding Telescopic Ramp. Our patented  ramp system come standard-equipped with latched safety hooks, no-seize UHMW bearing guides and extrusions that don't bend or break. A couple of variations of this ramp are used in our TRUCKBOSS system and our industry leading design continues to be the best performing ramp on the market!


All aluminium construction with 1500 lb capacity.

We offer both FAT (51") and SKINNY (16") ramps in both 10ft and 12 ft sizes.

TRUCKBOSS ramps telescope from 12 ft to 6.5 ft / 10 ft. to 5.5 ft. 

The telescoping system is easier to deploy than folding systems and it eliminates 'pinch points'.

Our exclusive Ramp Lock System lock / latch the ramps to the ramp bar.  When the latch is engaged the ramp will not disengage from the deck during loading / offloading.

The UHMW Bearing Glides used in the system will not freeze and will not jam.

The ramps lock under the TRUCKBOSS deck to maximize your storage space.

Behind every TRUCKBOSS deck is our partner production facility in Minnesota, a state of the art ISO-9001 2008 certified manufacturing facility of 400+ dedicated employees, precision machining, ExtremEtch anodizing and Plastic Injection molding innovation dating back to 1967.

The exclusive TRUCKBOSS real seal system ensures that the elements stay out and your cargo stays dry.

The TRUCKBOSS front seal and rail seal will not let the elements in!

TRUCKBOSS will take you where you want to go!!

The surface of the TRUCKBOSS deck has exclusive TBOSS TRACDECK RIBS which are designed to prevent load shifting, and improve your traction on the deck.
Every TRUCKBOSS has over 120ft of TBOSS SURELOCK RAILS on the deck, side rails and headache rack giving you virtually unlimited tie down points.  TBOSS SURELOCK RAILS are angled in such a way to act as a lock washer giving you the knowledge that you load will remain secure wherever you go!!
Every TRUCKBOSS has over 120ft of TBOSS SURELOCK RAILS on the deck, side rails and headache rack giving you virtually unlimited tie down points.  TBOSS SURELOCK RAILS are angled in such a way to act as a lock washer giving you the knowledge that you load will remain secure wherever you go!!
The TRUCKBOSS is the only deck with winch loading.  In addition, with the TBOSS TRAC WINCH SYSTEM, the winch can be moved from side to side so that you can load multiple machines.
What inspired us to add winch loading with TBOSS TRAC WINCH SYSTEM?  We looked where other hard-wearing all-aluminum truck decks were being used for Winch Loading - 365-days-a-year!

The curvature of the TRUCKBOSS side rail matches the line of most modern truck boxes.
TRUCKBOSS Cab Guard's slight forward rake is designed to compliment the angle of your cab.
TRUCKBOSS Ramp Lock System
TRUCKBOSS 10ft Fat Ramp extended and telescoped in.
TRUCKBOSS 10ft Skinny Ramp extended and telescoped in.
TRUCKBOSS Ramp Storage
No Plywood = No Maintenance
The last year any wood was used in pickup truck beds was 1972. Why settle for a material the Big 3 OEM's gave up using 40 years ago? Plywood has no place on your pickup truck!

See any similarities?
See any similarities?
Truckboss by Marathon
Truckboss is manufactured in the USA and Canada