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After years of hauling around my enclosed trailer and scratching up several tailgates I was stoked to get my TRUCKBOSS Sled Deck! Loading and unloading is a piece of cake. The ramp is super easy and after doing it a couple times it's actually faster than using my trailer.

I love being able to drive to all my favorite riding spots without worrying if I can park a big trailer or if I'm going to get blocked in.

I really like that I can store gear under the deck and it stays dry.

I kept it on this summer and have use it for camping and work.

Thanks again for all your support!
It looks awesome on my truck!



Ashley is currently the only extreme female snowmachiner pushing the guys to their limits. She has appeared in 8 worldwide distributed movies as well as shows on TRU TV. She was the first female to ever hit a ramp at competition level as well as being the first female to ever appear in a mens extreme snowmobile film. She has taken the Alaska state womens pro title in 2006, 2008 & 2009, runner up in 2010 along with coming in 3rd for the mens semi-pro class.

Dan Treadway is both a profeesional snowmobiler and skier. He grew up snowmobiling to school. His infamous leap off an air in the permanently closed Donít Miss area on Whistler left Dan banned from the resort for the 1999-2000 season. Treadway started sledding more than skiing, and now he racks up more than 120 days a year on his machine. The self-proclaimed redneck has appeared in five Slednecks snowmobile films.
TRUCKBOSS decks are hands down the best way of transporting snowmobiles and ATVs. By the end of the season I have loaded my sleds on my TRUCKBOSS at least 150 times-it still looks brand new.  After all my abuse the sides and ramp still work like new.
One of my favorite features is that your truck box is totally watertight once your TRUCKBOSS is installed. I never need to wonder if my gear is going to be dry at the end of a road trip-it always is!
Thanks to TRUCKBOSS for building such a great product.

--Dan Treadway


Tony started snowmobiling at age 6.   He was featured on the back cover shot in the 2011 WPS catalog.  In addition in 208 Productions ďMomentumĒ and Schooled Detention along with numerous magazine appearances.
For the last 3 years I have been working with Bret Rasmussen teaching ride clinics with Ride Rasmussen Style. I came to Marathon for a sled deck. Why? I wanted quality and freedom to load up and go anywhere I want too. On an average year I get over 100 ride days in so I needed to be able to find snow in November to July when Iím not instructing ride clinics Iím always out testing with Rasmussen or doing photo shoots and making movies with Schooled films.

The TRUCKBOSS deck is superb! I cannot say enough about how good the quality of these decks are from fit and finish. The deck is made of all-anodized aluminum extrusion. There are carriage-bolt tracks located everywhere on the deck and sides allowing tie-down locations anywhere - for whatever you want to haul. The TRUCKBOSS telescopic ramp is long, strong and easy to use and comes standard with safety hook latches to keep the ramp locked onto the deck while loading / unloading. These decks are truly meant to be a workhorse for your toys.
I also like how much more room is available under the deck vs: other brands that are using a boxed in frame to support the deck. Not only do you have more room but your gear stays clean and dry because the TRUCKBOSS deck completely seals in the box Ė like a tonneau cover on steroids!

A winch on a sled deck? I would definitely recommend the winch to your deck application. When I first saw the winch I thought to myself that wonít be used much. I was wrong; I use it every time! From loading quads to side by sides and for those days you donít want to wake the neighbors up at 5 am loading your sled. Not only does the functionality work great. The TRUCKBOSS makes my truck look 10 times better!

Now get this, I actually have seen a small increase in better fuel mileage, to be exact I have seen 1.3 MPG increase driving on the highway empty. Well now that I have the perfect set up and all the freedom to get to my riding locations all I need now is SNOW! If you happen to see me on the road or parking lot come by and say hi and check this awesome product out.

Tony Jenkins.
Ride Rasmussen Style.
TRUCKBOSS is the Number One Truck Deck in North America
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The best thing about a TRUCKBOSS deck is the space you save.  Having owned trailers I know that you often can't fit them in your garage, you spend extra time cleaning them at the car wash, you have to lock them to prevent theft and if you live in a condo or apartment you won't have a place to keep them. 

Owning a TRUCKBOSS is very different.  It is always on your truck, it is low profile and doesn't take any space in your parking stall or garage.  It even helps keep your sleds clean.  All problems solved!

Another thing I love about TRUCKBOSS is the ability to drive higher up the mountain in the spring.  A trailer would get stuck in the slushy snow or mud.  A trailer can't do a 10 point turn on a steep narrow mountain road-with a deck you can either back down or make that tight turn. 

I even get better fuel mileage with the deck and it is easier on my transmission that pulling a heavy trailer! 

Thanks TRUCKBOSS for an awesome product that looks great too!

-Geoff "Phatty" Dyer


Phatty is one of the most dedicated riders on the planet. He is always the first to hit the snow in the fall and the last to hang it up in the Spring. Phatty is the definition of a well-rounded rider and he is just as comfortable flying off huge cliffs as he is pulling big chutes. You can always count on him for 6am snow reports and early morning phone calls. Phatty is a constant source of motivation for the Boondockers team and anyone he happens to cross paths with.
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I ordered my deck directly from the guys at Truckboss. I placed my order on Wednesday and they had it shipped out on Friday. They made everything from placing the order to helping decide which accessories work best for my application very easy!

Installation of my Truckboss deck was smooth sailing thanks to their 'Install Series' videos online, which I watched while my deck was being shipped.  Everything fits together perfectly and with only 3 wrenches!

I use my deck primarily for hauling sleds. I travel all around the Rocky Mtns riding and shooting parts for movies and there are plenty of trailheads where either you don't want to, or you legally can't pull a trailer up to them.  Likewise, I live in an area where you can't store a trailer at your place; you need to pay for a storage unit to keep a trailer at, never mind the inconvenience of having to go pick up a trailer away from your house. The truck deck is the ultimate alternative! I work in construction, so this way I can keep my sled on my truck and all my tools locked up underneath. It allows me to hit the road for sled trips directly from work instead of going home to unload tools and load up sled gear.

This is hands down the best truck deck I've ever used. The way it fastens to the truck makes it an integrated part of the truck. It's very solid on your truck bed. When loading/hauling sleds, the deck simply can't move independently of the truck bed at all. It really is water-tight, as well. Even with all the snow melting off your sled after you load it, it's still bone dry inside the bed.  Lastly, the look of the deck is far superior to anything else on the market. The way it fastens to your truck makes it look like part of the truck and not some accessory that just sits inside the bed.

Jay Vestich

Kim started riding with Dan Gardiner and the Boondocker's crew in 2012.  She has a short segment in Boondockers 9, and a longer segment in Boondocker's 10.  Kim rides out of Silverthorne, CO and usually is up at Rabbit Ears Pass 3 times a week, sometimes Vail Pass, Wolf Creek, and Flat Tops.   She just bought a really nice lifted GMC, that was on display at the SEMA show last fall .... now with a TRUCKBOSS to make it complete!!!!
I can't tell you how much I love my TRUCKBOSS deck!  I have to admit, I was a little nervous the first time I loaded it, having never driven up a 10' ramp before, but I lined her up and she went right up with ease the first time, and every time after.  I pulled up to the parking lot this past weekend and was immediately greeted by a man telling me his horror stories of loading some 'other' brand sled deck, and how he put a ski through the back window and went off the side a couple of times, and now he has a crane like contraption on the back of his truck to 'lift' his sled on.  I said I was sorry to hear that, but have never had that problem! 

I couldn't be happier with the quality, ease of use, and dry storage that the TRUCKBOSS  Deck offers.  I just love mine.  Thank You!

Kim Long

Truckboss by Marathon
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