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TRUCKBOSS is the Number One Truck Deck in North America
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Truckboss by Marathon
Truckboss is manufactured in the USA and Canada
FLEXXLOADER from TRUCKBOSS takes toy hauling to the next level. 

Now with a single platform you can carry PWCs and Snow Bikes on your TRUCKBOSS deck.  Utilizing the integrated winch loading functionality of the TRUCKBOSS Truck Deck along with the FLEXXLOADER cradle and guide system you can carry Snow Bikes, Jet Skis, or Sit Down PWCs.   Moreover FLEXXLOADER also can be converted to a buggy system for storage at home or for unloading closer to the fun
Carry 2 Large "Sit Down" PWC's.            
Carry up to 3 "Stand-Up" PWC's
Cradle converts to a buggy so that you can load and unload anywhere. 

With the optional buggy system FLEXXLOADER  becomes an ideal beach tote and a beach dock.

The buggy system also helps with storage when you get your machines home.

The new improved buggy system is easy to engage, and is ideally suited to beach enviromments

Winch Down
Add Axle
Add Tires
Cradle is Ready to Go
FLEXXLOADER is designed for use exclusively with the TRUCKBOSS DECK SYSTEM, equipped with Winch Loading.

The  system is attached to the deck with new and improved guide and slide system.

Each cradle has multiple tie down points and a boat winch.

FLEXXLOADER incorporates a push back system to make unloading easier and safer!!

The ramp is now lighter and easier to engage on the TRUCKBOSS system
System Components

Large Cradle  11ft X 17  - Sit Down PWC's
Small Cradle 9ft X 13 - Stand-Up PWC's
(Each of these cradles come with the deck glide and lockdown system)

Conversion Kits

PWC Conversion Kit
Snow Bike Conversion Kit (Large Cradle Only)


Push Back System
Large Cradle Buggy System
Small Cradle Buggy System

Made from quality extruded aluminum.

Made in USA / Canada

Compatible with all major PWC brands.

Patent Pending