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Will a TRUCKBOSS deck fit on my truck?
TRUCKBOSS decks will fit any full-size standard or long box truck with one of three install kits.  Short box trucks (sub-6’) require trimming of the deck/box rail interface (RAIL-CAPTURE).  See the TRUCK FIT GUIDE for reference.

Can I transfer my TRUCKBOSS from one model truck to another?
With the addition of the appropriate install kit your TRUCKBOSS will easily transfer from one model of truck to another.

Is TRUCKBOSS weather tight?
TRUCKBOSS itself is very water-tight—however certain parts of your truck are not!  To increase the water-resistant seal in your truck box install a weather-stripping kit around the opening of your tail-gate—this is where most leakage occurs.

How secure is TRUCKBOSS?
TRUCKBOSS creates a vault inside your truck box.  TRUCKBOSS is not removable or accessible from outside the truck box.  All components are heavy gauge double walled aluminum.  If your tail-gate does not have an OEM lock they are readily available in the aftermarket.

Will the aluminum oxidize?
The deck surface, sides, CAB-GUARD, and rails have been anodized to protect them from oxidizing.  This will keep your TRUCKBOSS looking new for years.

Will a TRUCKBOSS with two ATVs or two snowmobiles be top heavy?
Two full size utility ATVs weigh less than most truck campers when they are empty.  Unlike a truck camper, a deck and ATV are not susceptible to cross winds.

How long does a typical TRUCKBOSS install take?
3 hours for the Standard TRUCKBOSS model.  Add time if a TBOSS-CPK (Carbide Protection Kit) or a TBOSS-EXT (deck extension) are included.  Only basic tools are required, at times during the installation it is advantageous to have a helper.

My truck is leased, what are the repercussions of installing a TRUCKBOSS deck?
TRUCKBOSS installation is completely reversible.  There are no holes drilled into your truck.

Can I tow a trailer with a TRUCKBOSS on my truck?
Yes.  A TRUCKBOSS-LONG-8 installed on a long box truck will extend no farther than your bumper.  A TRUCKBOSS-STD-7 on a standard box truck will be slightly shorter than your bumper (Ford Super Duty), flush with your bumper (GMC/Chev 2500/3500), or just past your bumper (Dodge 2500/3500).  These lengths will not inhibit you from towing a trailer.

Can I fit a TRUCKBOSS-LONG-8 on a standard box truck?
Yes.  Many people prefer this arrangement for carrying long track (155”+) snowmobiles or UTVs.  This may affect your trailering ability.

Can I install a light underneath my deck?
Yes, there are a set of blunt-cut/sealed leads at the driver’s side rear of your TRUCKBOSS (just inside the tail-gate).  These leads are switched with your truck’s running lights.  TRUCKBOSS recommends the use of an LED light (for its low amperage properties).

I have plastic bed rail caps—should I remove them?
No.  Many truck manufacturers now include plastic bed rail caps on their trucks.  Neither OEM nor aftermarket plastic caps will interfere with installation.

I have a plastic box liner—should I remove it?
There is no requirement to remove your plastic box liner, however it will have to be cut in several places in order to securely clamp the TRUCKBOSS interface (RAIL-CAPTURE) to your truck’s bed rails.  To ease TRUCKBOSS install remove the plastic liner.

I have a spray-in box liner—will this affect install?
No.  It is fine to install TRUCKBOSS over top of a spray-in liner.

What is the load rating of TRUCKBOSS?
2000 lbs evenly distributed.  Be aware of your truck’s GVWR.

I have to pick up a fridge, couch or something else large.  How do I transport it?
Whatever you can carry in your truck bed you can carry on your truck bed.  If TRUCKBOSS will support two full size ATVs it will also support any large items you’d use your truck to haul.

What is the quickest way to temporarily remove TRUCKBOSS from my truck?
There are 4 or 5 brackets holding the TRUCKBOSS deck to each RAIL-CAPTURE (truck/deck interface).  The Install Manual refers to these as the LARGE RAIL ANGLE BRACKETS.  Remove these brackets and lift the deck off your truck leaving the RAIL-CAPTURE clamped to your bed rails.  The RAIL-CAPTURE only extends ½” above your bed rails and will not interfere

How many tie-downs are included with TRUCKBOSS?
TEN—four on the CAB-GUARD, four at the front of the deck and two at the rear.  TBOSS-TieD tie-downs can be added anywhere you require (see ACCESSORIES page).

Will my SuperClamps (snowmobile ski tie-downs) work with TRUCKBOSS?
Yes.  The TBOSS-SC-D-RING (see ACCESSORIES page) replaces the D ring included with your SuperClamp.  Using Capture Channel Technology it allows SuperClamps to be used WITHOUT drilling through deck surface.

Will SuperGlide traction guide work with TRUCKBOSS?
Yes.  SuperGlide is an integral part of our TBOSS-CPK (Carbide Protection Kit).  TRUCKBOSS has developed an aluminum SuperGlide-HOLD-DOWN which eliminates the need to screw/rivet individual pieces of SuperGlide to the deck surface.  Furthermore the HOLD-DOWN provides stability and a mounting fin for the plastic SuperGlide.

What is the best way to carry a motorcycle on a TRUCKBOSS?
Install a motorcycle wheel chock at the front of TRUCKBOSS using the Capture Channels provided.  An additional set of holes may have to be drilled in your wheel chock to align with the Capture Channel.  Depending on the width/weight of the motorcycle anywhere from 2 to 6 can be carried.
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